Are organic cotton garments more expensive?

We encourage the use of organic cotton t-shirts, that are sustainably and ethically produced. Choosing organic garments comes with a price premium, as everyone down the supply chain gets paid fairly for their work, and organic cotton is more expensive to grow and harvest. So how much does this affect the price of the finished t-shirt or hoodie?

One thing to remember…..if you’re paying extra for an organic item of clothing, you’re usually getting a higher quality product. The value this adds to the finished product is immeasurable. There’s also the obvious ethical and environmental impact to consider, we’ll go in to that in another post. But for now we’ll just compare the price, as it’s a question we get asked quite often.

Organic cotton vs standard cotton garments. So what’s the price difference?

Probably the most popular brand for a standard cotton t-shirt in the printing industry is Gildan, with the most popular choice usually being the Gildan Heavy. A Gildan heavy t-shirt costs around £2.00 (excluding VAT, all the prices here will be excluding VAT).

An organic equivalent would be the new Creator t-shirt from Stanley/Stella, it’s a similar weight, around 280g, and is available in a similar range of colours, they cost just over £3.00.

A similar organic t-shirt in Continentals EarthPositive range would be the EP100 unisex jersey t-shirt, these are made form a slightly lighter weight cotton 155g and are a similar price, just over £3.00.

Organic cotton hoodies.

A popular choice for a standard cotton hoodie would be the AWDis JH001, made from 80% standard cotton and 20% polyester, these cost around £8.00 each.

Stanley/Stella’s unisex ‘Maker’ hoodie cost around £13.50, these are made from 85% organic cotton and 15% recycled polyester, the polyester is made from recycled plastic bottles.

A similar hoodie in the EarthPositive range - the EP51p Pullover Hoodie, made from 100% organic cotton would cost around £13.20.

So as you can see the difference in price between these products isn’t huge and the quality in the detail, knit and finish of these products isn’t comparable. If we were to compare a premium quality standard cotton garment to organic one the price difference would be even smaller.

If you would like to purchase blank sample garments so you check the quality of the product before we print, get in touch. Or if you are local give us a ring to arrange a convenient time to pop over to the studio to see some samples in the flesh.